Cybersecurity for you, your home, your company, and for your employees.

Threatbee's Artificial Instinct is designed to protect your organization from the most dangerous cyberattacks by using proprietary algorithms that are constantly learning and adapting to the ever changing global attack surface. Our cutting-edge tech is the perfect solution for organizations of all sizes and budgets. 

We Leverage Advanced AI to Transform Your Cybersecurity Posture


Recieve risk insights and mitigate breach scenarios


Quickly Prioritize actions to transform cybersecurity posture.


Alerting and discovery
of infrastructure assets.


Continuously monitor vulnerabilities on over 100+ vectors

Our AI security platform leverages real-time big data analytics to make your business a leader in a new era of intelligent cybersecurity.
We use advanced machine learning to deliver informed vulnerability visibility for deeper insight.

The ThreatBee platform automatically collects, organizes, correlates, and assesses threats on the extended network and allows companies to automate analysis, ensure security compliance, and extend protection capabilities beyond traditional security products.

The enterprise attack surface is massive and there are constantly new ways for attackers to breach your environment.

To get an accurate idea of breach risk, security teams need to analyze a lot of data up to several hundred billion time-varying signals from the extended network of devices, apps, and users. Analyzing and improving cybersecurity posture is not a human scale problem anymore. Using our specialized Artificial Instinct cluster, ThreatBee automatically gathers and analyzes comprehensive inventory and threat information.

Our platform enables a broad set of vulnerability and risk management use cases that help to transform your enterprise security posture.

Client Portal

Our Portal is the communication platform paired with our security platform to deliver our client reports.

We use this information to deliver your personified content right on the portal. 

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Our Flagship Artificial Instinct Powered Solution,
ThreatBee Stinger Division

Automated Asset Discovery

Our Asset Discovery engine can find all your untracked
Internet Facing assets within minutes.

Identify Hosts Across Internet

We scan the internet frequently and can find your
untracked hosts / services in minutes.

Monitor Data Leakage

Monitor sensitive data leakage on Code Aggregators and
paste websites with a timely notification to your Email via
our Client Portal.

Differential Scan Data

With periodic assessments, we provide historic comparison
and find vulnerabilities without waiting for annual billing cycles.

Protect Your Home Network from Cyber Criminals with ThreatBee

Is your home network vulnerable?
Are your employees that are working from home secure?

ThreatBee Antenna is a smart and intuitive service that allows you to scan your home network for vulnerabilities that can be accessed remotely without your knowledge. It is the best for IoT device owners, normal consumers, or those working from home and has innovated the field of home
cybersecurity protection.

It is not only able to detect different types of threats but also identify their external vulnerabilities. Reports are sent to an easy-to-use customer portal.
It uses advanced AI technology and comprehensive analytics which keeps you
up-to-date about what is happening externally on your network.

Your Data  Guardian  Angel.

The newest innovation from ThreatBee, Watcher is a data leak monitoring service that alerts clients if their PII is leaked.

In today's era, data leaks have become an increasingly frequent occurrence. To safeguard your data from being leaked from a company you use,
ThreatBee Watcher is a new player in the field of cybersecurity.
With a slogan "Your Data Guardian Angel," the service watches for data leaks involving your information and alerts you when something is found.

This is crucial for companies who have no idea that their databases have been hacked by hackers so they can stop them before any more damage is done.

You don't have to spend time monitoring for leaks. Watcher is an automated engine that monitors for your data on the dark web so you can get back to your life. Watcher alerts you if your Personally Identifying Information (PII) is leaked so you can take action before the problem escalates and you can change your passwords before they are used elsewhere.

Watcher is a cybersecurity service that scans the dark web for leaked personally identifying information (PII). Cybercriminals are always looking to take advantage of leaked data. That's why ThreatBee has created this service to give you the peace of mind to know that your PII is secure.

Your data is valuable. The leaked information from a popular retailer didn't just affect the company, it impacted millions of shoppers whose PII was exposed.
But what can you do about it?

Well for starters, you can monitor your data on the dark web with
ThreatBee Watcher.

ThreatBee unveiled their new IntelliVuln detection technology.

Using Machine Learning, ThreatBee's Intellivuln platform works with our Artificial Instinct engine to allow you to uncover vulnerabilities, endpoints, embedded secrets that your devlopment team forgot to remove, API keys, sensitive file extensions, and more.

This is a huge step forward in the fight against cyberattacks that are constantly trying to infiltrate your business and steal your data.

Scan your publicly and privately accessible servers, cloud systems, websites, and endpoint devices, using our proprietary industry-leading scanning engine.

Find vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations, missing patches, encryption weaknesses, and application bugs (including SQL injection and cross-site scripting) in all publicly accessible areas.

ThreatBee Leaders




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How Can ThreatBee Help Your Organization?

The goal of ThreatBee is to prepare your organization for the highly sophisticated targeted attacks their organization may face we do this through our proprietary adversarial machine learning algorithms software we call
Artificial Instinct that operates on our
Hive Cluster Supercomputer.

We help you answer three key questions:

What are your weaknesses from an
attackers point of view?

What could a targeted attacker do
with access to your environment?

How effective is your current
security posture at preventing,
detecting, and responding to a
targeted attack?


ThreatBee was established by cybersecurity experts and data scientists to improve the security of organizations with offensive approaches. We believe that organizations as well as individuals should be able to defend themselves against modern attacks, only with true knowledge of how adversaries operate can this truly work.

Organizations with the experience of how adversary activities can occur in their environments, and how to detect those activities, can gain high confidence in the safety of their most critical assets and data.

Our mission is to build the next generation of offensive solutions to help organizations test their defensive capabilities from an attacker perspective. With more than 10 years of experience, we were able to combine machine learning technology with adversary techniques.