Securing your web applications, business, or home with real-time, continuous security assessments of
your cyber attack surface.

Our AI security platform leverages real-time big data analytics to make your business a leader in a new era of intelligent cybersecurity.
We use advanced machine learning to deliver informed vulnerability visibility for deeper insight.

The ThreatBee platform automatically collects, organizes, correlates, and assesses threats on the extended network and allows companies to automate analysis, ensure security compliance, and extend protection capabilities beyond traditional security products.

Threatbee's Artificial Instinct is designed to protect your organization from the most dangerous cyberattacks by using proprietary algorithms that are constantly learning and adapting to the ever changing global attack surface. Our cutting-edge tech is the perfect solution for organizations of all sizes and budgets. 

We Leverage Advanced AI to Transform Your Cybersecurity Posture


Recieve risk insights and mitigate breach scenarios


Quickly Prioritize actions to transform cybersecurity posture.


Alerting and discovery
of infrastructure assets.


Continuously monitor vulnerabilities on over 100+ vectors

The enterprise attack surface is massive and there are constantly new ways for attackers to breach your environment.

To get an accurate idea of breach risk, security teams need to analyze a lot of data up to several hundred billion time-varying signals from the extended network of devices, apps, and users. Analyzing and improving cybersecurity posture is not a human scale problem anymore. Using our specialized Artificial Instinct cluster, ThreatBee automatically gathers and analyzes comprehensive inventory and threat information.

Our platform enables a broad set of vulnerability and risk management use cases that help to transform your enterprise security posture.

Our Flagship Artificial Instinct Powered Solution,
ThreatBee Stinger Division

Automated Asset Discovery

Our Asset Discovery engine can find all your untracked
Internet Facing assets within minutes.

Identify Hosts Across Internet

We scan the internet frequently and can find your
untracked hosts / services in minutes.

Monitor Data Leakage

Monitor sensitive data leakage on Code Aggregators and
paste websites with a timely notification to your Email via
our Client Portal.

Differential Scan Data

With periodic assessments, we provide historic comparison
and find vulnerabilities without waiting for annual cycle.

Cybersecurity is a top concern for organizations and businesses.
Our machine learning models scan your entire infrastructure, alerting you to risks and vulnerabilities before they become a problem.
We are trusted by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and global organizations to keep them safe.

Employees often lose track of the day-to-day management of their servers, endpoints, and various processes
that are running within your infrastructure.
They can't keep up in knowing what services they are running and if they are within security compliance. Are they up-to-date?
Did they patch the latest vulnerabilities that are exposing your client data on your corporate website?

Even worse, sometimes your assets are exposed to the public internet without their knowledge.
It's a big problem since the attackers are looking for vulnerable machines on the internet every day.

With the help of our machine-learning algorithms, we can detect machines, services running on them and their versions.
We then monitor and test for known vulnerabilities and security issues.

ThreatBee Leaders




Managing Partner

How Can ThreatBee Help Your Organization?

The goal of ThreatBee is to prepare your organization for the highly sophisticated targeted attacks their organization may face we do this through our proprietary adversarial machine learning algorithms software we call
Artificial Instinct that operates on our
Hive Cluster Supercomputer.

We help you answer three key questions:

What are your weaknesses from an
attackers point of view?

What could a targeted attacker do
with access to your environment?

How effective is your current
security posture at preventing,
detecting, and responding to a
targeted attack?


ThreatBee was established by cybersecurity experts and data scientists to improve the security of organizations with offensive approaches. We believe that organizations as well as individuals should be able to defend themselves against modern attacks, only with true knowledge of how adversaries operate can this truly work.

Organizations with the experience of how adversary activities can occur in their environments, and how to detect those activities, can gain high confidence in the safety of their most critical assets and data.

Our mission is to build the next generation of offensive solutions to help organizations test their defensive capabilities from an attacker perspective. With more than 10 years of experience, we were able to combine machine learning technology with adversary techniques.