We're proud to introduce
ThreatBee Security School!

It covers safe web browsing practices, mobile devices, physical security, passwords, phishing, vishing, malware, social engineering, and incident reporting.

The training is $30 for 30 days of access and we've just added Incident Reporting!

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About ThreatBee Security School

This beginners course will teach you practical steps to protect yourself and your family from the growing online threats of Cyber Crime and Ransomware.

This course is aimed at home users and people working from home. 

We have a discounted rates for this course set for businesses, so please contact us if you want this for business use for your employes rather than home use.

We've designed the course to be for normal everyday people rather than the very tech savvy because no matter how technically competent you are - you need to be protected.

With the growing risk from Ransomware such as WannaCry, Petya, NotPetya and so many others everyone needs at least some focus on Security.
By taking the steps in this course you will be far safer. This course is designed to be as short and concise as possible while still packing in a huge amount of information.

When you complete the course we will upload your certificate to
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We will cover

● What makes you vulnerable to malware

● What attackers hope to gain

● Main methods attackers will use

● Practical steps to defend yourself and your family

Who is this for?

●  Average home users

Anyone that wants to improve their Online or Cyber Security at home.

● Anyone who is NOT a programmer or engineer. This is aimed at everyday people.