Stinger Division

Stinger is our automated cluster system powered by our machine learning technology Artificial Instinct,
designed to find, monitor, and manage vulnerabilities in any business who has assets connected to the Internet.

Stinger Overview

Setup Scope Information

You provide us the seed information such as your Company Domain(s) & External IP addresses.
Whatever you would like us to test, no limit.

Asset Discovery

Using 'STINGER' we discover your perimeter attack surface and monitor for sensitive data leakage.

Automated Red Team

Stinger's machine learning backed algorithms analyze your assets & simulate attacks like a real team hackers, but for your benefit.

Rolling Security Review

We continuously monitor the internet for code / secret information leakage 
and notify you as any such information about your organization is found

Detailed Report

A comprehensive vulnerability assessment is performed on the discovered assets and security issue with an actual impact are identified and
reported to you in the Client Portal

Monitor Cloud Infrastructure

We seamlessly integrate your AWS, Azure,  and Google cloud infrastructure with Stinger and keep a close eye on all your publicly exposed cloud assets.
The agentless integration allows us to watch your public assets and continuously monitor your Cloud Infrastructure.