Watcher is a Dark Web and leak monitoring service.

Watcher Dark Web Engine will comb the hidden corners of the internet to find data that can help you better protect yourself from hackers.

We’ll uncover access credentials listed for sale on the dark web as well as personal accounts which have been targeted or compromised.

Potential discoveries include:
Usernames & passwords.
Access to business resources listed for sale on the dark web.
Personal accounts which have been breached or targeted.

It is highly important to know if your information from being leaked online. One way to do this is by using ThreatBee Watcher, which scans for any data leaks that involve your information and alerts you as soon as possible. This program will scan the internet and provide a report of any potential threats or dangers.

Starting at $5.99 per month for the first monitored asset.
(Only for home users, business rates vary by type and volume of monitored assets.)